Year/Model-Specific Owners Manuals & Documentation

Serpentine & Timing Belt Diagrams

  • All of the following diagrams are courtesy of
  • GV: 1986 [1] [2] 1987 [1] [2] 1988 [1] [2] 1989 [1] [2]
  • GVL: 1988 [1] [2] 1989 [1] [2]
  • GVS: 1988 [1] [2]
  • GVX: 1987 [1] [2] 1988 [1] [2] 1989 [1] [2]

Shop Manuals/Service Documents

*It’s got schematics and diagrams, as well as part numbers from the 80s. I do not have any of these parts for sale, I’m merely offering this for the diagrams and ability to cross-reference parts that we can get today. The whole PDF is indexed with chapters and individually marked sub-sections within the chapters – open it in Google Chrome or similar, once downloaded. The bookmarks won’t show up if you just view it online, for some reason. If you just need an individual section, check out the links provided.

I plan on eventually maintaining a whole, searchable Excel spreadsheet of all the part numbers and descriptions from the above catalog sections, but that’s a HUUUUUUGE undertaking.

Websites/Online Groups

  • [] has a bunch of supplies and parts, and is based in and ships from here in the US.
  • [Midwest Bayless], based in Columbus, Ohio, has a lot of parts and service knowledge of Yugo vehicles and older Fiat models.
  • [Facebook link] for the Yugo America Chat/Talk/Buy/Sell page.